Kath Thomson

Senior Property Manager/Business Development Manager

A little about me

With an approachable and friendly disposition, Kath is always willing to assist both Landlords and Tenants with the focus to ensure both parties are satisfied with every outcome. Her philosophy combines transparency, good listening skills and empathy and is dedicated to maintaining a professional service.

Kath comes from a career in education and has been a Primary School Teacher for 20 years. In the three years that Kath has been at Avenue One Property Group, she has built strong relationships with our Landlords and Tenants and other team members that she works with.

Kath prides herself on having excellent organisational and communication skills and keeps up with the changes in the Real Estate Industry through continuing professional development. Avenue One Property Group is a ‘natural fit’ for Kath where culture and people share the same commitment to the highest levels.

Outside work she celebrates life with her two beautiful children and has a passion for running. At the end of every marathon she says “that’s my last” but always sign up for more pain.